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There are some good things about Platin Casino but not nearly enough for it to be considered one of the best out there when compared to casinos of a similar...
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There are some good things about Platin Casino but not nearly enough for it to be considered one of the best out there when compared to casinos of a similar size.

There are some good things about Platin Casino however which do deserve a bit of limelight

Platin Casino

Its layout is a mess, its catalog is quite limited and unremarkable, and other factors when considered do not add up to result in a good rating for Platin Casino.


There are various services offered for withdrawals and deposits such as card payments, as well as bank transfers.

All of them are fairly quick with none of the withdrawals taking more than 3 days to process.

However, it can take longer where the withdrawals go above 2000 Euros.

That is where the problem arises. Many players complain of the verification process being quite a hassle, where they have complained of unnecessary delays even when verification was complete.

That is one room for improvement, however, overall the withdrawal process is good enough and supersedes the industry average.

Furthermore, there are no upper withdrawal limits which is a definite plus.

Customer Service:

Players have had constant complaints about customer service.

They seem to be very unhelpful and the response time is not something to compliment either.

Every casino that does not have an efficient customer service sector suffers greatly in terms of utility and user experience.

Because there will always be issues that plague the users, your swiftness and resourcefulness in solving those issues are appreciated greatly, and if you suffer from an abysmal customer service sector.

In that case, many of the user pool will have their queries unresolved, which will discourage them from investing more of their time and funds into the service you provide because they understand if they face discrepancies and issues, they are on their own.


The welcome bonus is not something particularly exceptional and remarkable.

It meets the standard industry average of 100% on a maximum of 200 Euros on your first deposit and then 100% on a maximum of 50 Euros for your second deposit.

This does not make Platin Casino renowned for its rewards policy, which is what most casinos invest heavily in to attract customers.

It has to be an amount where the wagering requirement is proportional to a high amount, in other words, you have to spend more and gamble more to retain a significant amount.

The amount here is quite insignificant and the wagering requirement is at 75x which is significantly higher than the requirements of most casinos that give out a bonus of 100% up to a maximum of 200 Euros, it is usually 50 or less.

Final Thoughts:

So, we would rate this casino a 3.5/10. Overall, Platin Casino positions itself amongst the lower tier of the industry average as it attempts to survive amongst larger and better casinos by managing its limited resources quite poorly.

Other than the banking options, it has nothing to boast about and set itself apart from the competition, and the banking options are not good enough to keep the casino afloat for long.

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