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100% up to €500 + 50 Bonus Spins

One of the largest and oldest casinos operating currently, Pokerstars has seen it all, it has changed and amended with the times as well but keeps its essence as an...
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One of the largest and oldest casinos operating currently, Pokerstars has seen it all, it has changed and amended with the times as well but keeps its essence as an old table-game loyal casino.

Pokerstars is very rewarding to all of its players

Pokerstars Casino

The time in operation has meant that it has better resources than other casinos, but despite being amongst the first to operate, it is still not significantly better than other casinos, why?


It offers up a welcome bonus of 100% for a maximum bonus of up to $600.

This is significantly higher than the industry average and should come as no surprise considering Pokerstars is one of the largest online gambling operations in the world currently, considering the pool of users, the longevity of its operations, as well as the potential rewards that it offers its players when compared to other casinos.

Another option of availing bonuses comes in the form of depositing $20 with the promo code “thirty” and getting a free $20 bonus.

Furthermore, every Sunday, there are tournaments held where you could potentially walk away with a million dollars! Talk about a rewarding policy!

There is also a VIP section, you get to be included after betting the required prerequisite amount of money and you can accumulate points after joining, whereafter you can then spend those points on other goods such as clothes, electronics, and even donate them to charity.


You can access and withdraw cash both using your phone as well as your desktop.

Pokerstars offers a wide array of modes of transactions, including PokerStars bitcoin and Debit Cards amongst other options.

The big plus is that Pokerstars offers cryptocurrency rewards as well.

This is not offered by most of the online casinos currently operating.

Using cryptocurrency makes for much easier, quicker, and hassle-free withdrawals and deposits.

As per user comments, the payout is quite reasonable and the number of unnecessary delays is kept to a minimum.

There are different ways of withdrawing money through desktop and mobile, both of which are listed on a tab on the website.

Customer Service:

The customer service is nothing exceptional.

There is a 24/7 helping service offered, there is a helpline on call as well, but users have complained that the customer service is largely complacent and remains largely unhelpful, they find it difficult to locate and navigate the issues themselves, which is why they are unable to help with the issues.

At times, however, they offer apologies and claim they cannot help the customer there.

This is a bit sketchy especially considering that this seldom happened before.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, considering its huge size and the reputation it has to maintain, Pokerstars does a relatively good job.

However, considering the longevity of its operations it should be head and shoulders above the rest of the casinos but it isn’t.

All it has on other casinos are better resources that help build a larger catalog of games, a better bonus policy, and an easier payout.

It is not a significantly better casino than the average casino. 7/10.

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